Medical Stand By/First Aid

Many people do not give a second thought about ambulance service. We are taught at an early age that when you are in trouble, you call 911, and emergency resources respond to help. What many people do not realize is that help is all around, whether you are at home, at the park, at a baseball game or any number of public events taking place around our county.

If you pay close attention while at your child’s next high school football game, community health fair or large public event of more than 500 or so people, there is usually an ambulance on ‘stand-by’ that event organizers pay for to have at the event in case of an emergency. This is usually mandated by municipalities to ensure the highest level of response to ensure public safety.

Express Ambulance is proud to provide such services with the highest standards. We contract with a number of local high schools and community events to provide safety in the community we serve. If you are hosting an event and would like to ensure your attendees are protected, please contact us.